Saturday, April 30, 2016

Show me your original face before your parents were born!

     “Just keep exploring what you truly are. Am I a separate limited awareness? Or is the awareness that I know myself to be totally open, unlimited, and ever-present? 
     Because the belief and the feeling that what I am, comes and goes, and is limited, and therefore lacking, that is at the heart – that belief and feeling, that single belief and feeling is at the heart of all your suffering. That’s the only thing in suffering that needs to be explored – not the whole paraphernalia of whatever seems to be causing the suffering, because if you explore each of the causes in turn, it’s just endless. Money, work, relationships, - it goes on forever. But all these different colors, different facets of suffering, it all hinges on one thing – the belief that what I am, the I that is knowing my thoughts and hearing these words right now, the awareness I know myself to be, shares the limits and the destiny of the body-mind. 
     That’s it. That is with that belief we seem to shrink into a separate self. All our suffering is dependent upon that belief and feeling alone. 
     So once that’s clear you become naturally one-pointed. You see that all your suffering is just based on one thing. So all your disparate energies are now gathered together in that one direction. What am I truly? 
     You even forget about suffering because you’re dealing with what’s at the heart of it. You forget about the paraphernalia of suffering. Who is this one, this self that is suffering? Who is this one on whose behalf I spent my life thinking and feeling, acting and relating, I spent my life serving? This self – who is it? I’ve never seen it. Where are you? Come out. I want to make your acquaintance. Show me what you’re made of.”            

Essence Of Pearl by Pennie Gibson

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