Monday, February 7, 2022

When Reality Parts the Veil

     "When the bullet hits the bone," even the young wake up. Serious illness, severe pain & other major trauma instantly evaporate our cherished illusions of control, and perhaps allow a glimpse of ultimate reality, usually hidden behind 'a veil.'
joyful, "boring," and equally so when blood-curdling - reality asks us to love ALL of IT unconditionally!
     But we
hate discomfort, are horrified by pain & suffering, & label death "unacceptable"! So we do a lot of screaming, pleading & arguing with reality. From our self-centered, narrow-minded, short-term perspective, accepting & lovingly embracing all of reality appears as extreme, impractical altruism, absolute craziness! HOWEVER, we do finally realize that it's the only approach that works.
it may take us many lifetimes to evolve the open mind-heart & spaciousness necessary to "part the veil" between physical reality & ultimate reality, when we finally remember & stabilize in our true nature - the loving source AND manifestation of all

     “We are one, but we will only feel that when we love everything.” Ram Dass 

     “To go from form (this physical reality) to formlessness (the spiritual realm or ultimate reality), is done by accepting whatever form arises in the present moment, whatever form this moment takes.
     With the acceptance of form, the formless opens up in you. And the ultimate truth of that is in the image of the crucifixion, which I see as going beyond religion. Some people dislike it. They say it’s all to do with suffering, and it’s unhealthy, and so on. But there is a deep meaning there, that for a long time, perhaps could not be expressed in an abstract way. That meaning is that here you have the image of complete suffering of a human. He is nailed to the cross, which is a torture instrument, and this human is able to surrender & accept, ‘Not my will but thy will be done,’ and then suddenly the torture instrument becomes a symbol of the divine. Isn’t that strange? The torture instrument has become a symbol of the divine.
     So through acceptance, whatever looks like an obstacle, or even a dreadful thing, becomes transformed. Every situation that’s accepted deeply – and if it’s a very big thing like a crucifixion, there needs to be very deep acceptance – and immediately, there’s a transformation.
     So grace is hiding also in that which looks dreadful. The dreadful sufferings we see all around us - they are there, but grace is hiding there. And you can only see the truth of this in yourself. I’m not saying anybody should believe in that. You have to find out for yourself that grace is hiding in what the seemingly dreadful things – even in little things that go wrong – but even more so in big things that go wrong.
     And ultimately you see it’s not wrong, it didn’t go wrong – what it looked like in the moment when you judged it. So that’s inviting grace into your life, through bringing this deep yes to the present moment. Then your evolution accelerates.
     And the more you do that, the less you need the disasters, because you can operate with the flowering of consciousness. Consciousness wants to flower into this dimension, in this dimension. So it’s really welcoming what is.
     With acceptance of form, the formless can open up in you.”
     Eckhart Tolle

      “I am a lover of what is ... because it hurts when I argue with reality.” Byron Katie 

     "... both are true: there is suffering, and it is our job to try to end it; and the perfection of things as they are is already here around us. We cannot escape from perfection, we cannot escape from suffering, most of the time. And they are not separate. How we feel them is the weather of this moment and the spiritual tenor of who we are at this moment in our lives.
     But I hope there is no human being who has not had one moment, at least, when they stood in the world, undone by awe and radiance, and the small self vanishes, and you understand the world as immense and yours, and not yours.
     Jane Hirshfield

     "The beginning of spiritual awakening is the realization that you are not the voice in your head but the one who is aware of the voice. You are the awareness behind your thoughts. As this realization grows, you begin to derive your sense of identity increasingly from the space of awareness rather than from the narratives in your mind. You are letting go of the identification with thought. Thought is no longer imbued with self!" Eckhart Tolle

Gregory Lemarchal (1983-2007) - SOS D'Un Terrien En Detresse

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