Saturday, August 18, 2012

Early Warning Signs in the Sangha

     "Early warning signs that a group is headed for trouble: 

1. Over-adulation of the teacher 
2. Too much power residing in the teacher, with lots of 'yes' men and women, and no checks and balances 
3. Believing that the ends justify the means (as in having healthy young people go on welfare at ZCLA so they could be on 'staff') 
4. Talking about us 'inside' who know the truth and the 'outside world' who do not 
5. Resultant loss of outside perspective 
6. Lack of clear ethical guidelines, maintained first and foremost by the teachers 
7. Resultant misuse of power – monetary, sexual, etc. 
8. Secrecy 
9. Manipulation, intimidation, coercion or threats."

Jan Chozen Bays

NOTE: Jan Chozen Bays' entire "letter" is valuable reading

Photo: CK NG

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