Friday, August 31, 2012

Father, why hast thou abandoned me?

     Our reptilian brainstem runs our lives to a far greater extent than we realize. Its job is to keep us as individuals and as a species alive. We instinctively avoid whatever threatens, and approach whatever favors survival. We ignore many things that are irrelevant to survival.
     But we also "ignore" things that we CANNOT avoid or approach - like old age, sickness and death. These go "under the radar", to wreak havoc with our subconscious.
     Meditation is the doorway to consciously get beyond this approach-avoidance barrier. "What is this?" "Who am I?" It's a way of dropping all preconceptions - be they idealistic, nihilistic or cynical. Reality is beyond all our ideas.
     Either life, or preferably meditation practice, strips away all of our reptilian dreams & nightmares. Then we'll feel abandoned, shipwrecked. But then ...

Satori Movement

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