Thursday, August 16, 2012

Evaluating Teachers

     "How exactly do we know that someone is a bad (or good) teacher? We observe them carefully over time; pay attention to our own mind, heart, and gut; and trust our own best judgment. We ask ourselves, 'Does this person's behavior consistently follow and uphold the essential principles of human connection, compassion, and service?'
     If we can't or won't trust our own judgment, then we will probably end up as part of a deeply abusive cult. We'll find a very sexy, very charismatic, and thoroughly exploitive (and, perhaps, mentally ill) spiritual teacher. He will tell us that we need to trust everything he says and does, and that we must put ourselves unquestioningly in his hands, with the same innocence that children are asked to put their faith in God. And then he will steal our energy, money, and sanity." Scott Edelstein

Photo: Arthur Teng

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