Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Valid Epistemology for Human Potential

     “There exist within us … latent but unexplored creative capacities, depths of psyche, states of consciousness, and stages of development undreamed of by most people. Transpersonal disciplines have emerged to explore these possibilities …
     any valid epistemology (way of acquiring knowledge) is welcome. In practice, transpersonal researchers have encouraged an eclectic, interdisciplinary, integrative approach that makes appropriate use of all the so-called ‘three eyes of knowledge’: the sensory, introspective-rational, and contemplative. … To date, the transpersonal disciplines stand alone in adopting an eclectic epistemology that seeks to include science, philosophy, instrospection, and contemplation and to integrate them in a comprehensive investigation adequate to the many dimensions of human experience and human nature.”

         Walsh R, Vaughan F eds. Paths beyond ego. The transpersonal vision. Penguin Putnam Inc, NY, 1993.

Hollis & South, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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