Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Practicing mindfulness - remarkably agentic!

     When we carefully study the results of causes and conditions, we start realizing how thoroughly our behavior ("output") is based on all previous and current events ("inputs") in our lives. It also becomes increasingly clear, that if we wish to elevate our behavior above mere reflexive reactions to circumstances, we must change a fundamental condition - that of our consciousness!
     Neuroscientists have shown that the structure and function of the brain changes dramatically between an untrained musician eg violinist, and one who's highly trained. The same has been shown numerous times with novice vs long-time meditators. With more practice, the brain changes more, and with these further neurologic changes, the capacity to practice and act mindfully increases, making practice, and life, easier. And on it goes with iterative processes.
     Establishing a consistent mindfulness practice is a remarkably agentic step forward - from relying on brain-stem reflexes - to living consciously as Homo sapiens sapiens.

Photo: Shihan Chintaka   www.dpreview.com    http://www.inventivews.com/

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