Monday, September 3, 2012

When one's Worldview Sucks

     Amazingly, our primitive (reptilian) approach-avoidance reflex also influences whether we continue functioning at that level OR allow ourselves to mature & function at a higher (human) level.
     How do you feel after being involved, perhaps only as a listener, in hours of "small-talk"? People who've known each other for many years can still carefully manoeuvre away from topics of any depth or meaning, quickly calling these "depressing", or making cynical jokes about spirituality, and dogmatically stating that mindless escapism of blowed-'em-up movies is the ultimate entertainment - "as good as it gets."
     Cynical nihilism, for too many of us, appears to be better than nothing. Fear (avoidance) makes us hang onto any belief system, no matter how bankrupt and miserable.
     It takes courage to even look at, never mind let go of our own worldview, even when it's outlived its usefulness in our life. 

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Manitoba Legislative Building, Winnipeg

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