Saturday, February 16, 2013

Open Heart Embraces Barrier

     What's the middle-way to deal with barriers? What are barriers if not gates to the next level of being?
     "Wallowing" is being stuck in prolonged episodes of hopeless doom and despair, circular thinking, spiraling downwards. This appears as a formidable barrier. There's a sickening familiarity to wallowing - the very thought of it is depressing. Yet at the same time, familiarity is comforting, even magnetically attractive. There's a huge tendency to set up camp on the familiar side of this "impenetrable barrier".
     Letting the familiar go, even when the familiar is miserable. Going towards the unknown, is daunting - we reflexively resist it. The momentum of our lives tends to be on the side of inertia - to remain in the camp, or try to go back. Going forward, through, beyond a barrier may not even be considered.
     Intentionally opening ourselves fully to the physical feel of the barrier, with an open, "don't know mind" - no preconceptions, hopes, nor expectations - requires some bravery, and being fed-up with the old circular thought patterns. When an honest fearless open heart embraces a barrier, only the open heart remains.

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings with Serena Ryder perform "Black Sheep"

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