Sunday, February 17, 2013

Drowning, Caught in the Torrent, OR Surfing? What is This? Rebirths

     Even intelligent, well-educated folks may not be able to distinguish between being swept away by the torrential river of life from surfing the waves. The story of our life has a momentum, one with which we start out being cognitively fused - fully identified. Even when we get a bit of insight, letting go of this massive momentum is difficult. We're not just abandoning an idea or concept of who we are (ego), we're unplugging from an ego-associated energy source we've learned to rely on - ego death. There's a massive chasm - the distance between heaven & hell - between understanding concepts and fully integrating them into our lives.
     Like snakes shedding their skins, we must repeatedly shed self-concepts & associated worldviews that we've transcended. We are reborn, not just "one day at a time" but every fraction of the second according to much wiser folks than I.

Buck 65 & Jenn Grant singing Paper Airplane

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