Sunday, February 3, 2013

Awareness - the "Glaze of Panoptic Attention"

     The phrase "glaze of panoptic attention" was used to describe basketball legend Bill Bradley's extraordinary level of awareness on the court by John McPhee.
     Dreyfus H, Kelly SD. All things shining. Reading Western classics to find meaning in a secular age. Free Press, NY, 2011.

     Panoptic is defined as "including everything visible in one view."

     Open-awareness meditation instructions advise keeping the eyes open, with eyelids half to two-third closed, with a soft gaze encompassing the entire visual field.

     Everything is "hidden in plain sight" - in plain sight because it's all right here; hidden when we fail to appreciate the relevance ie it's connection to us, and to everyone & everything else, right now. "Be here, right now!"

Photo: Nick0las

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