Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Unconditional Love for Self Exercise - John Welwood

     “relationships cannot in and of themselves fill the hole of love created in childhood. In (his excellent book) 'Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships,' John Welwood teaches that we need to learn how to be there for ourselves and recognize that our lives are held in an absolute love. To tap into this love, he offers this six-step exercise

     (1) Settle into your body. Sitting or lying down, take a few deep breaths.

     (2) Turn your attention toward some way in which you feel cut off from love in your life right now and see how that lack feels in your body.

     (3) Without trying to get anything from anybody in particular, open to the pure energy of your longing to feel more connected. Deeply feel the energy in this longing.

     (4) See if you can feel the longing in your heart center and soften your crown center, which is at the top and back of your head.

     (5) Notice if there is any presence of love available now. Don’t think about it too hard or fabricate what isn’t there. But if there is some love or warmth at hand, let it enter you. Give yourself ample time to be with whatever you’re experiencing and keep in mind that the presence of absolute love may be very subtle, like being held in a gentle embrace.

     (6) Instead of holding yourself up, let love be your ground. Allow yourself to melt.”                                       Shambhala Sun, March 2013

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