Thursday, June 13, 2013

Clouds, Thoughts & Emotions ... all Insubstantial

  " 'Clouds that wander through the sky
     Have no roots, no home.'

Thoughts & emotions are exactly the same -
they have no roots, no home.
And yet we're continually rooting them,
taking them to be self, taking them to be I.
So we practice, with both thoughts & emotions
on this more ultimate level, of seeing their empty,
conditioned nature - just arising out of conditions 
& passing away when conditions change.

     'So indeed, these states not having been,
     come into being; having been, they vanish.
     Regarding these states, abide unattached, unrepelled,
     independent, non-attached, free, not identified, 
     with a mind free of barriers.' "

          2013-06-04 Joseph Goldstein - Working With Thought And Emotion

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