Sunday, June 16, 2013

Faith, Life, Big Mind

     "As we go through all this, we begin to have faith in ourselves. Having faith in ourselves doesn’t mean thinking that I can personally handle anything that comes to me: rather, having faith in ourselves involves a process of falling apart and discovering that somehow we come back together again. We learn that having faith in ourselves requires that we have faith in life. Having faith in life doesn’t mean we’ll get what we want or avoid pain: having faith in life involves having faith in something larger than ourselves, though it includes our selves. 
     In Zen, we sometimes call this spacious largeness Big Mind, that mind which is not confined to individual brains but which manifests as the universal, intimate interconnectedness of all things." 

       Rosenbaum R. Zen and the heart of psychotherapy. Brunner/Mazel, Philadelphia, 1998.


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