Thursday, June 27, 2013

Essential Wise Nurturing ... in Teaching, Healing, Marriage, Parenting, Friendship ...

     Wisdom is essential for unconditional love; to allow us to hold ourselves & others in meditative equipoise; to allow ourselves & others simply to be; to allow ourselves & others to make many, inevitable, normal mistakes - not judge, blame & shame - but to seamlessly accept, learn & grow.
     We inevitably mature into wise, nurturing grandparents to ourselves, others, the universe.

      “When preferences for a particular experience fade, the myriad things come forward to play, shimmering with suchness. Obviously, flowers and trees do this, but so do beer cans and microwaves. They’re all waiting for our embrace. It is enormously empowering to inhabit a world so vibrant with singularity.”
Darlene Cohen, Buddhadharma: The practioner’s quarterly, Spring 2007

Richard J.

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