Saturday, June 15, 2013

On the Way, Being, Just This

     "The word 'Tao' has many translations. It is an elusive word, meaning much more than can be explained. It has been called the Law or the Way or simply All That Is. Tao then, is the Way, as in direction, manner, source, destination, purpose, and process. In discovering and exploring Tao the process and the destination become one.
     ... in Chinese thought 'the notion of a Supreme Being, so essential to Western religions, is replaced by that of a Supreme State of Being, an impersonal perfection from which all beings, including man, are separated only by delusion.'"

       Towler S. Chung Tzu - The Inner Chapters. The Classic Taoist Text. A New Translation of the Chuang Tzu with Commentary. Watkins Publishing, London, 2010.
      "It is the unmanifest potentiality from which all manifestations proceed."         
Hua-Ching Ni 

Andik Taufiq

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