Sunday, June 9, 2013

NO, it's NOT "all about sex" NOR "money" NOR "power" NOR "politics" etc

     Most of us have HORRIBLE communications skills! Most of us are SCARED SHITLESS about connecting meaningfully with another human being! One has to be BRAVE to be honest. One has to be MATURE to communicate in an honest, mature manner. Most of us are IMMATURE!
     We all do try our best to CONNECT with each other, with our "BEST shot" - we might (mistakenly) guess that we're being romantic, sexy, wealthy, powerful, intellectual, politically savvy, jocks, in with the in crowd, masters of trivia (VERY popular), etc, etc, etc ...
     But you know what? We're just anxious & trying our awkward best to connect meaningfully - one equal to another equal - nothing more, nothing less!
     It's the old "tower of Babel" shtick isn't it? EVERYONE speaking a different damned language - at the level of the EGO - we are each unique individuals.
     YET, each one of us is already connected PROFOUNDLY at the deepest level - THAT needs to be understood.



  1. Well said. To connect on the basic human level is a gift and seems rare.

  2. Insight Dialogue is a very skillful meditation practice specifically tailored for this purpose: