Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Deep Down, We Know

     Highly spiritually-evolved people, are said to seamlessly straddle both relative ("self") & ultimate reality ("Self") - "not one, not two". They are said to clearly see how self-serving behavior would cause needless suffering to self & others, and thus naturally choose action that causes the most benefit (& least suffering) to all. This is porousness - being open to the flow of reality, without craving, aversion or delusion.
     I suspect most of us have compromised our values by intentionally choosing the low road - knowing full well what we SHOULD do, and assuming we WILL behave appropriately at an unspecified time in our future, when we inhabit our BETTER selves. We assume we have a stable personality, that SHOULD & MIGHT change later, BUT FOR NOW it's easier, more convenient, more comfortable, being "who we are" - "the way we've always been".

     BUT IN FACT, moment-by-moment, we choose between heaven & hell - which are less than a breath apart, right here, in the eternal now.

Traffic jam in Venice, Italy

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