Thursday, July 17, 2014

Art is About Us - Meant to be Taken Personally

     "None of the great works of art are about someone else. They're about us. Art is the most personal thing in the world, and we're being asked to take it personally, to receive it personally, to think about it personally. It's challenging us at the most personal levels.

     (Art is TIMELESS. Our sense of separation from previous generations is a relatively new phenomenon.)

     Previous eras have not imagined that they were separate from the flow of history. We, with our invention of photography, video & sound recording can separate this moment from that moment, and lift this moment out as a separate unit. But we're the first generation to do anything like that, or to think of time as anything but the river that we're all in, and sharing with every period in human history."
     Peter Sellars, American theatre director, interviewed by Eleanor Wachtel on CBC Radio:

Venice, Italy

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