Saturday, June 6, 2015

Depth, Beauty, Joy

     “Just as the spirit is at the centre of each of us, so the spirit is also at the centre of everything else within this creation. The spirit is always at the centre. When we live our life with other spirit-centred beings in this creation, our relationship to the Creator is from spirit to spirit. Our role as human beings is to preserve that relationship, to maintain the spiritual order and structure of the world…. Indigenous psychology and Indigenous culture can only be fully and properly understood from within this belief: that spirit is the central and primary energy, cause, and motivator of life.  
     … Mother Earth was created as the most beautiful place Creator could imagine. It was there that Creator could see the evidence of his own thoughts, ‘the most beautiful thoughts,’ reflected back to him. … earth is not a place ‘where we are sent to learn lessons of life, or to be tested, or to suffer’; instead, our essential duty is to experience the beauty that sprang from Creator’s thoughts, and to reflect back that beauty back to him. ‘The human being was designed in order that the spirit would be able to experience this life in all of its depth, in all of its beauty, with all of its joy.’”

       Traditional Anishinaabe Creation Story, by Elder James Dumont, 2006 Inaugural Newbury Lecture, University of Sudbury

       Rupert Ross. "Indigenous Healing. Exploring Traditional Paths." Penguin, Toronto, 2014.

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