Sunday, June 14, 2015

'Something Else'

     “Under our neurotic frets … everyone is already enlightened. Everyone is, underneath, at heart, innately a Buddha. ‘If everybody’s a Buddha,’ I have heard people object, though, ‘why is there so much suffering and misery and war and torture.’ It’s undeniable: people suffer, and unjustly. Yet from the heart of the combat zone we sometimes get reports of something else
     A former student of mine was caring for his gravely ill wife day and night, until he was so exhausted that he did not know if he was coming or going. Then, in a grocery store of all places, under the neon glare, he had the uncanny sensation that everything would be all right – indeed, that it already was. The child fiddling with the cereal boxes, a pregnant woman choosing between toothpaste brands, the carts in the aisles, the light and the air – all were exactly as they should be.”

        Smith H, Paine J. “Tales of Wonder - Adventures Chasing the Divine. An autobiography.” HarperOne, NY, 2009. 

     "All shall be well ..." :

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