Friday, June 5, 2015

Sense-of-Self & Way of Being in the World

     "indigenous people ... 'may find [western psychiatry's & psychology's] relentless focus on self ... alien, disquieting, undesirable or unnecessary.** Rather, a general Aboriginal self is one of an “embedded, enfolded socio-centric self” … Native mind is therefore a mind-in-relational activity, a mind-in-community.’

     All things work together in an interdependent fashion, forming an interconnected web of wholeness. Though each part is a recognizable unit, it only has meaning when in relationship to the whole.”                     James Dumont & Carol Hopkins

       Rupert Ross. "Indigenous Healing. Exploring Traditional Paths." Penguin, Toronto, 2014. 

     ** see also: Laurence J. Kirmayer. "Psychotherapy and the Cultural Concept of the Person." Transcult Psychiatry 2007; 44: 232-57.      DOI: 10.1177/1363461506070794

Searching for Truffles at the Domain de Bramarel, France

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