Friday, June 26, 2015

Unconditional Love Nurtures Wisdom

     I don't think we intend to do anything irrational or inappropriate. No matter how abhorrently we behave, it seems the best or only option - if only to us - at the time. Afterwards, when we start to see our misbehavior more objectively, regret sets in. Still we tend to rationalize, deny, blame others etc - the old ego clings to life till the bitter end. 

     Most of us hope to evolve into better human beings as we age, behaving progressively more wisely. This process would be SO much easier if we were nurtured, by ourselves & others, with unconditional acceptance & love along the way. 

     Unfortunately, denial, cover-up, harsh judgment, & various forms of vengeance remain the most common responses to misbehavior. These primitive reactions propagate further uncivilized behavior.

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