Sunday, August 21, 2016

Freedom at Hand

     "When we encounter tragic events [we see on the news almost daily], we ... recognize that the root of hatred is very difficult to identify. It comes from deep inside of our karmic consciousness [DNA if you will]. We live our lives based on emotions and feelings of love and hatred. This is the source of our daily actions.
     But there is a true and real realm beyond love and hatred. This is ... the realm of Enlightenment [open & available to all of us]. Through this realization, we are able to see one another as fellow travelers on a journey of the world to true equality. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation, we should live our lives with respect and kindness." Bishop Kodo Umezu, Lion's Roar, September 2016 issue

     We CAN relax & release our fearful, rigidly held positions, and bravely open our heart-minds.

     "... any concepts we have about the basic nature of reality are incomplete, inaccurate, and in fact block our direct experience of things as they really are. ... any assertions about the nature of reality are self-defeating. ... [we CAN] cut through conceptualization and [open ourselves] ... directly to the true nature of reality." Lion's Roar, September 2016 issue

Sculptor: Marcel Gagnon, Sainte-Flavie en Gaspe, Quebec, Canada

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