Thursday, April 26, 2018

Changing Trajectory

Aren't we all desperately trying to keep it together?
Like herding kittens isn't it?
IF I can just manage to do, become, achieve, etc ... THEN ...

And for a while, we do have an "upward" trajectory
Bigger, better, more!
Until about age 35, our worldly capacities can grow
We can become increasingly more proficient, competitive, etc

But then, almost imperceptibly we stall & start descending the ladder of worldly competence
Progressive loss of material proficiency is not easy to accept
Our "everyday mind" is entirely about survival & mating
And these losses are relentless - rust never sleeps
"Our world" - circle of friends & family, interests, activities, etc shrink
Now we're unintentionally becoming less!!
Can we do so gracefully & wisely???
But what's going to become of us?
We have a brand new koan
Now an increasingly urgent existential riddle
"Everyday mind" won't help here
We actually need to meditate on this - no more distraction bullshit

Who / what are we, 
when all we know, 
all we think we are, 
is gone?

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