Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Clear Perception

     Can I appreciate the "one taste" of reality?:

     Perhaps the ultimate level of psychosocialspiritual evolution, awakening or enlightenment can be defined as "intimacy with all things."

     "enlightenment ... only occurs as we reach a particular degree of sensitivity or openness to life." 
       Judith Blackstone. “The Enlightenment Process. A Guide to Embodied Spiritual Awakening.” Paragon House, 2008.

     "The Great Way is not difficult
       for those who have no preferences..."     Sengstan

      “When preferences for a particular experience fade, the myriad things come forward to play, shimmering with suchness. Obviously, flowers and trees do this, but so do beer cans and microwaves. They’re all waiting for our embrace. It is enormously empowering to inhabit a world so vibrant with singularity.” 
       Darlene Cohen, Buddhadharma: The practioner’s quarterly, Spring 2007

     "The mind creates the abyss
       and the heart crosses it."                         Nisargadatta

     “The apparently objective world is unconsciously structured by the ways we seek to secure ourselves within it. … precisely this attempt to ground ourselves in the world is what separates us from it.” 
        David R. Loy. “Lack & Transcendence. The Problem of Death and Life in Psychotherapy, Existentialism, and Buddhism.” Wisdom Publications, 2018.

     "When we give our hearts to whatever we do, to whatever we experience, or to what is happening around us, without personal agendas or preferences taking over ... the space of awareness, is exactly the same."
       Amaro Bikkhu "Small boat, great mountain." 2003   www.amaravati.org/downloads/pdf/SmallBoat.pdf 

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