Monday, November 5, 2012

Creating Enemies, Externalizing, Projection, Avoidance, Suppression ...

          "When you're in a hole,
          Stop digging!"                    Will Rogers

     "An enemy is an experience that we can't tolerate, or we choose not to experience. Something comes up in us, and we can't experience it. Maybe we lack the skill, maybe we lack the capacity - certainly the case when we're small children, maybe we lack the willingness, maybe some combination of all of those. But we can't experience it. And so the only thing we can do then is to get rid of that experience. One of the ways we do that is we suppress it. But we don't really get rid of the energy of that experience it goes into the body and makes us sick in various ways. The more common way we discharge that energy by expressing it. We react in other words. 
     'There is no enemy' is a way of saying that there is another way, perhaps, to experience everything that arises. What is an enemy? It is the projection of our rejection of our own experience.
     When we encounter someone in our lives, or encounter a group or situation, and we say no, it's because something is coming up in us, which we can't tolerate. And so we have to push that away. Or if we can't push it away, then we seek to destroy it or neutralize it, or annihilate it ... This is how enemies come about."    Ken McLeod
"There is no enemy: A toolkit for change" Buddhist Geeks Conference 2011

Artist: Joanne Hunt CSPWC, SCA

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