Friday, November 23, 2012

Guided Mindfulness Meditation & Hypnosis - Overlaps & Differences

• “guided meditations are different in structure and intent than solo meditations
• guided meditations in a clinical context for therapeutic objectives are different than those employed for personal or spiritual growth
• the linguistic, neurophysiological, and social psychological overlaps between guided mindful meditation and hypnosis are evident
• therapists using guided mindful meditation approaches in their treatments would benefit greatly from studying hypnosis for its deeper consideration of the role of suggestion and other interpersonal dynamics in catalyzing experiences that clients in treatment find helpful and enlightening”

       Yapko MD. Mindfulness and hypnosis. The power of suggestion to transform experience. WW Norton & Co, NY, 2011.   

     Hypnotherapists, and other clinicians, would benefit greatly from having an ongoing meditation practice, under the guidance of a qualified teacher.

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