Sunday, November 18, 2012

An honest look at our mind - as it really is

     "We get embarrassed when this beautiful person that we hoped to become one day is suddenly raging about some silly thing. We think we are in charge, but as we continue to practice we realize it's really just blind habits - blind conditioning, blind responses. They are blind because they are acted upon before our mindfulness can even catch them.
     When we are mindful, we are conscious; we can see clearly. But often habits are so strong they catch us off guard and can manifest as a punch - punching our world, our reality. This is not always obvious, as habits can be hidden behind a smile or an appearance of politeness. A punch can even look quite sweet.
     So in our meditation practice we begin to see the details of our mind. We ask, what is happening right now? Am I at peace? Do I have what is happening or not? Do I wish to be somewhere else? Do I force myself to be here? These details are not always acknowledged, and yet this is the material of our practice. The Buddha said, 'I teach for those who know and those who see.' They are very simple words, aren't they? But for me it means a lot. If we don't see our mind as it really is, there is nothing much we can do."

        Ajahn Sundara - Forest Sangha Newsletter No. 91, 2012

Photo: The Mick

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