Thursday, November 22, 2012

May all beings be happy - simple theory, not easy practice

     "The Sanskrit word maitri and the Pali word metta both mean 'loving-kindness' or 'loving care,' and refer to an attitude of friendliness, good will, and generosity of heart. When we are filled with loving-kindness and a sense of loving care, we have a very simple wish: May all beings be happy.
     This kind of love has many qualities that distinguish it from our more usual experiences of love mixed with desire and attachment. Born of great generosity, metta is caring and kindness that does not seek self-benefit. It does not look for anything in return or by way of exchange: 'I will love you if you love me,' or 'I will love you if you behave a certain way.' Because loving-kindness is never associated with anything harmful, it always arises from a purity of heart."
       Goldstein J. A heart full of peace. Wisdom Publications, Boston, 2007.

     We can read information like that many times over many years, and readily notice how others fail to live up to these wonderfully wise standards. Then suddenly, we're shocked to realize - heh wait a minute, I'm not doing this! - sparkling insight - another chance to let go of a portion of my conditioning.

Maui Buddha by Andrea Smith

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