Sunday, February 19, 2012

Towards congruence

     Should I keep steadily working on mindfully embodying my true self - or - sometimes, do I deserve a break? Haven't I earned it?
     Must I continue to eat mindfully - or - sometimes, can't I eat whatever and as much as I feel like? Don't I deserve it?
     If I work hard all year, I deserve a really expensive week at a 5-star, all-inclusive resort on a fabulous tropical island!
     I work hard all week, on Friday nights I just have to get drunk out of my mind to unwind.

     Are not ALL of these examples of a "divided life"? One subpersonality chaffing over another subpersonality's behaviour, within the same person. How can we resolve inner dissonance? Internal family systems (IFS) has an approach that is entirely complementary to mindfulness: 

     As we befriend our core identity, the need to rebel against it weakens. That doesn't mean we're loosing our personality or joie de vivre. It's more like we're fed up with fast food and now require refined, wholesome cuisine.

Parker J. Palmer: “Leading from Within: Reclaim Selfhood in Professional Life” (skip 8 minute intro):

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